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VR Fitness Games Remove the Fear of Working Out

VR games use a simple algorithm to fool the brain - which largely focuses on engaging the senses with fun tasks...
Viro Move Paulski

I have never run more than a mile and felt that amazing “happy” feeling. Do you know it? It’s that fictional “runners high” feeling those fitness Aliens - who live amongst us, are always raving about. 

You know “of it” probably, but I bet most of you have never felt it, either. Personally, when I run or jog I feel pain, misery, boredom and more pain, did I mention misery? Cycling is not so bad, but the weather is a problem for the majority of the year and I hate stationary bikes in gyms.  

In my long lifetime, I have joined - and left, what must be more than 50 beautiful, not too smelly and well-equipped gyms. In total, I have bought hundreds of weights, benches, rowers, bikes, ab rollers, ab crunchers, push up, chin-up bars you name it, I’ve bought it - and didn’t use it.

Don’t believe me? I can prove it, they are all in my garage, attic, neighbors’ houses - my exercise bike is now a special place where I hang underwear and t-shirts to dry.  

You see I have a bad case of the FOWO’s, I have had it all my life, it’s not a new thing for me and I live a normal (but chubbier) life with it.  

And here is the saddest part of my story – although I know I have it, this knowledge has never stopped me from paying thousands of dollars every few months in the hope that some new “trendy” fitness equipment or magical fat killing potions will heal me. 

I have always had a gym membership, every few months I try a new gym even though I already know I won’t continue any physical fitness routine for more than a couple of months at best - but still, I fool myself and the people around me that I can be slim and sexy for the next summer. 

What is FOWO?

In case you're were a bit too lazy to read the title, FOWO is fear of working out. 

For some people it’s body consciousness, for others it’s fear of failing, or that feeling of not being good enough, hurting yourself, etc. etc., FOWO presents itself to its poor sufferers in a multitude of different ways and that’s why it’s so hard to identify it as a ‘possibly real’ medical issue. 

What’s my FOWO? I have the most common and least psychologically dramatic of all FOWO’s – my mum identified it at a really early age,  I am pig lazy - most days. If I could roll around in warm comfy mud and eat “devils” food every day, evening and weekend I would happily do it - and trust me Mr. Fitness Alien thanks to my FOWO this would render me happier than you could be, even on your wildest 5k mountain run.

But I don’t do that stuff (every day) because I care about my life, I care about being around to see a handful of grandkids. So I continue to buy my fitness junk and join the cheapest most engaging gyms I can find. And for a few months at a time, I even bully myself into believing I love my daily trip to the gym and my twice-daily green shake.

But, I don’t love the gym, I hate working out and I hate the thought of squeezing my fat ass into my XL and still too tight Lycra pants. People shouldn’t make fun of me for being overweight because I have a (possibly made-up) medical condition, but I know others at the gym do or at least I feel like they do - FOWO number two.

I Found a Cure for FOWO

*Disclaimer: my cure is not going to “fit” everybody – but it has the potential to cure millions of my FOWO infected brothers and sisters.

I love games - mobile, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC you name it I love them all. As lazy as I am I love to compete, I love to win and I will try again and again to climb up some video game leaderboard. 

Gaming is something I am truly passionate about and neither my mum or my woman ever seemed to equally embrace my passion and my skill for gaming as much as they have embraced the challenge of motivating my ass to get to the gym every day. 

These are two of the main reasons I don’t play many games these days:

1.      I don’t actually have very much time for gaming (thanks to the time I waste on fat-burning)

2.      “She” won't let me play that much (because she thinks I’m too fat)

As a young fat man, I wondered why scientists couldn’t make working out as interesting and addictive as a video game. I have also wondered why they can’t make broccoli taste as good as chocolate – but that’s another story. Anyway, it wasn’t a scientist who made my dream a reality, it was our small team of Polish gamers and VR developers. 

We have made a fitness solution called Viro, which are next-generation virtual reality fitness tools that can cure FOWO. Yes, brothers and sisters, I said we can cure you!

I can cycle, step, row, step or jump around my room doing aerobics for an hour and not feel pain, misery or even fatigue. The most beautiful part is how easy it is for me to keep coming back for more day after day. The aches and pains of the previous day’s workouts are forgotten once the headset goes on. 

For thirty minutes to an hour each day, I am a complete exhausted wreck of a man, and I love every sweaty second of it. 

Viro and VR games use a simple algorithm to fool the brain - which largely focuses on engaging the senses with fun tasks, while it disengages the parts of the brain which associates fitness routines with hard work or boredom. Rather than your regular dreary home or gym workout, you are transported to perform in beautifully realistic training grounds or race track. 

I am growing muscles in places I didn’t know people had muscles. I know this because every morning as I climb my ass out of bed I can feel new muscle aches. And unlike my gym routine, I just can’t wait to get to the office to try a new Virtual Reality workout.  

Although we are not ready to launch our full range of VR Fitness products to the world just yet, those of you who have a VR gaming set up can try our VR Fitness Demo for free on our Steam page. But do stay tuned my FOWO friends - VR fitness is coming to save you!


Paulski - Part of the Viro Fit team 

A passionate VR cyclist, rower, hop skip and jumper. If it's VR and it's fitness - sign me up!

If you have a PCVR gaming set up you can Move More today! Download our free demo from Steam

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A passionate virtual cyclist, rower, hop skip and jumper. If it's virtual and it's fitness - sign me up! 

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