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Why the world is talking About Virtual Reality Exercise—From the Industry’s Fringes Straight to its Core

From New York to Tokyo and from Barcelona to Beijing exercising enhanced by Virtual Reality is starting to take over people’s workouts around the world. 
Why the world is talking About Virtual Reality Exercise

From New York to Tokyo and from Barcelona to Beijing exercising enhanced by Virtual Reality is starting to take over people’s workouts around the world. 

This trend is only going to grow further as the technology in question is going to rapidly develop and expand to ever-larger groups of fitness fanatics and those who just want to stay in shape or lose some extra pounds.

Reports about the global fitness market say it clearly—VR-based gyms, VR-based workout, in general, are on the rise. Annually, the demand for the service and, thus, the market for it is increasing at a rate of 42% [footnote: SuperData XR Webinar: State of The XR Industry]. 

This comes as no surprise since it was only a matter of time before the two industries engaged in more pronounced forms of cooperation than what we have been witnessing for some time now. 

Enemy No 1—boredom

There are solid grounds for such an alliance as it responds to arguably the greatest setback in any form of exercise, i.e. boredom.

Whenever your training routine becomes tedious what you risk is giving up on it. Feeling discouraged by repetitiveness can be a strong deterrent from sticking to your workout plan. It can easily prevent you from achieving training goals.

To counter this, people like to distract themselves from the reality of their training situation by resorting to the support of multimedia. An instructional or train-along tutorial streamed online or via Blu-Ray/DVD can assist and enhance your workout. The same goes for mobile phone apps which are rapidly becoming the first step to a digitally assisted training session.

Likewise, owners of fitness equipment or frequent gym-goers might prefer to combat boredom by looking at a TV screen, listening to music through wireless earbuds or watching tv shows on their mobile devices for entertainment. 

Among the possible solutions to the challenge of focusing on something else to finish your workout session, virtual reality exercise games feature prominently. They engage not just with your eyes but also with your competitive spirit and your sense of adventure. And unlike TV shows or music - virtual reality exercising keeps you in the game and drives your workout forward.

VR exercise as a gateway to workout effectiveness

Presently available games using VR technology provide much more advanced solutions than their slightly obsolete predecessors such as Xbox Kinect, PS Move or Nintendo Wii. 

Why is it so? First and foremost VR exercise via fitness games allows you to blend seamlessly your workout routine with the progress of achieving new levels. Their effectiveness for continuous training has been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies.

Additionally, VR exercise is incredibly effective in terms of calories burned. A dynamic VR workout can help you burn up to 15 calories per minute—the equivalent of one minute of playing squash!

A peek into the future

VR fitness technology is becoming more and more accessible due to the reduced cost of equipment. 

In the near future, VR exercise is only likely to grow in popularity. Ever-increasing competition in the fitness market is forcing gyms and clubs to find new solutions that break into new territories and win new types of members.

However, the potential of VR exergaming to expand and blow up as a major workout trend is inherent in the idea itself. 

2.5 billion gamers around the globe 

VR exercise gaming a still largely untapped market with enormous potential

It would seem that bridging the two worlds is at this stage an inescapable reality. And a highly rewardable exercise, too.

Increasing customer retention is by far one of the toughest challenges the fitness industry is facing. By enriching and expanding peoples’ fitness experience through virtual reality, Viro is confident that we are able to support the growth and future needs of the fitness industry. 

According to some estimates increasing retention solely by 5% will lead to a boost of profits of over 50% for many clubs and gyms.

Virtual reality fitness gaming is on the cusp of breaking through to a market which for the most part is driven by its ability to engage and inspire people to get healthy. Fit Reality and Viro Fit have developed a suite of fitness solutions that make the process more fun, rewarding and addictive. 

Virtual reality exercise is here, it really works and it's going to change people’s lives for the better. And that’s why the world is talking about Virtual reality exercise. 

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