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What is Virtual Reality Cycling All About?

Are you a passionate cyclist? Do you pine for the open road during winter months and rainy season? Then you may have already heard about virtual reality cycling solutions? The world is getting serious about VR fitness as a deeply engaging tool to help motivate people to train - we think you should too.
What is Virtual Reality Cycling All About?

Are you a passionate cyclist? Do you pine for the open road during winter months and rainy season? Then you may have already heard about virtual reality cycling solutions? The world is getting serious about VR fitness as a deeply engaging tool to help motivate people to train - we think you should too.

What is VR Fitness

For a number of years, the fitness industry has been looking at VR fitness solutions but has failed to take it seriously or react positively in any significant way.  Until now.

This year VR Fitness is a red hot topic inside the industry. That's because new immersive fitness training solutions like Viro Fit which have the ability to help gym members achieve fitness goals, in a way that no other indoor workout ever could. 

Virtual Reality Cycling

One of the leading solutions spearheading the movement is virtual reality stationary cycling. VR cycling aims to combine elements of real-world cycling and VR gaming into a stationary workout. 

It’s not a particularly new concept either. VR cycling solutions have been around for many years now, but only recently the true engagement capabilities of immersive fitness are finally starting to register with serious sportspeople. VR cycling has become a viable solution to help gym members achieve fitness goals while enjoying the experience.

At home, cyclists and other serious fitness enthusiasts are beginning to adopt VR cycling as a truly innovative solution for getting the most from indoor training. Developers like Viro Fit are helping to increase that engagement by building real-world environments along with a web of competitive elements to help push cyclists and sportspeople get the most from their daily workouts. 

It's not just for off-season

Let me share some insights into why virtual reality and indoor cycling are perfect partners for serious cyclists and sportspeople. 

If you are like me, and you live in a country where the weather plays a real part in your ability to get out on the bike you might already be using an indoor bike for many of your off-season workouts. It's not as good as the real thing, but during weeks or months of rain and snow, it’s all we have to keep the cobwebs off.

Maybe you have already made a bigger financial leap and purchased a smart bike. These are the bikes that help you capture training statistics and bring more engagement into your training session. 

If you love your smart bike, then I’m sure you will really love the next generation of features you can get from virtual reality enabled machines.

In a nutshell, virtual reality is making smart workouts smarter. If you chose to cycle indoor then the good news is that adding virtual reality technology to your workout has been proven to help people train harder and longer.

VR can make daily cycling sessions more competitive, training statistics are more accurate and the whole experience is simply more addictive. A major reason for the addictiveness is due to the quality of graphics - immersive experiences are now so good that VR is beginning to feel a lot more like a real outdoor experience.

How does Viro Fit work?

When you first put on the VR headset you get to select which country or environment you would like to train in. We have created five amazingly realistic environments and many more are on the way.  You can then set training elements such as time, distance, resistance or compete in by activating the competition mode. If you want to chase personal bests you can also access ghost times and many more features which will help you to push your workout a little bit further each day.

The objective is more or less the same as it would be out on the road - go as fast as you can for as long as you can. Checkpoints, obstacles and other gameplay elements aimed at slowing you down will help you stay alert and engaged, other elements like orbs and speed strips are designed to give you a sense of speed. 

Another amazing part of the Viro Fit solution is your ability to freely look around the environment. If you get the chance to look behind, you can really see who is chasing you just like a real race. Looking up and around you will see an environment that feels alive. Looking down you will be equally amazed because you are riding amazingly detailed bikes, hovercrafts or futuristic motorcycles which have been painstakingly crafted by our design artists. 

Immersion and game-play elements help to take your mind off fatigue and really do go a long way to push the player that little bit harder. When training in VR you just don't focus on the burn, you are so amazed by the immersion. When competing in tournaments and competitions the feeling so real that it activates our most primal instinct -to be the best. 

Moving your bike left and right on the road to collect or dodge orbs is intuitively simple. By moving your head from side to side you can collect speed orbs while dodging competitors and obstacles.

Competing in Virtual Reality

For those who love their smart bike but want more challenges from it - you will love virtual reality’s competitive elements, these are key drivers that can motivate you to get you on the bike each and every day. have built many competitive elements into our game, such as:

  • Racing against your best times for the week, month or year.
  • Go all out to try to burn more calories than you did yesterday.
  • Chase your ghost rider who is racing your overall best time.
  • Race in hot seat mode against your friend.
  • Join a hosted race with competitors from all over the world.
  • Enter a local, regional or global tournament.
  • Join a virtual racing team and compete against other teams.

Or you might simply like to compete for the pride of being at the top of the local, regional or world Viro.Fit leaderboards.  The Viro Team is passionate about driving fun and engagement into our solutions and we are non-stop brainstorming ways to help you explore your competitive instincts.

You can track all of your stats, objectives, fitness goals via our powerful mobile application, which is also the place where you can sign up for local and global Viro Challenges, win new bike skins and connect with other Viro Fit members from across the globe.

Want to know more about how we can help you with your training? Give us a call or leave us a message and we will get back to you. 



Viro.Fit offers a scalable Suite of Virtual Reality Fitness Solutions designed to enhance workouts with innovative and engaging training concepts for fitness seekers of all shapes, sizes, and demographics.   


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