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What Makes Exergaming So Deeply Addictive?

Exergaming is the use of video game experiences for the purposes of working out.
Shot of a Viro Move exergaming training ground

So you’ve heard of the next big thing in both fitness and gaming — exergaming. That is, the use of the video game experience for the purposes of working out. Or to put it the other way round, exercising through video gameplay. 

Upon hearing this, you might be thinking: “alright, but how exactly are these two things going to work? And not just work but be addictive?!”

Well, let me give you some insights into how getting fit through gaming is going to become a part of your life, fast. 

Exergaming is Positively Addictive

Let’s start off with the elephant in the room - gamers and gaming. If there’s ever been a group of people perceived to devote a huge part of their lives to one particular goal, sometimes at the expense of literally everything else, it’s gamers. 

Game binging has become a negative talking point closely associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. While some people may also have a tendency to associate a gaming lifestyle with unhealthy dieting habits.
If only there was a way to get the benefits of video games without the downside of being immobilized on the couch or your slick gaming chair? Oh, right! There’s exergaming.

Exergaming brings you the best of both worlds in your bedroom or fitness center. Now you can have a positive gaming addiction, move more, challenge opponents and stay healthy all at the same time. 

A Deeply Motivating Training Solution 

Do you sometimes feel how we all feel when it comes to getting up an extra hour early and hitting the gym? Or do you kid yourself that tomorrow after work is definitely a much better time to do your workout than today? A lack of dedication maybe…? 

Well, exergaming is here to lend you a helping hand with your dedication to regular exercise. 

It has been scientifically proven that exergaming is two times more likely to motivate you to reach for your sports outfit than any other training method.  

Viro exergaming, be it via an indoor rower, bike, stepper, elliptical or room-scale VR aerobic workout introduces elements of competitiveness that will give you a huge boost of motivation.

Sharing is Caring

What’s more, thanks to Viro’s global connectedness you get the chance to share and boost your achievements digitally. 

With Viro exergaming - even on a bad day you can get training support, motivation, and coaching. Or maybe just an encouraging shoutout from people from as far away as another continent. 

Exergaming helps you compare your workout results with people from your gym, fitness club, country, region and even the world. By climbing up the ranks. You can really get hooked on your workout and each day be pumped up to improve your results through improving your scores. 

However, if you’re more of a lone wolf trying to beat your own records and gradually overcoming your own limitations - then exergaming will put you on a path to perfection and steady progress.

No Two Workouts Ever Feel The Same
Another way in which exergaming is a real thrill is the element of randomness. It’s not just like your regular routine where you go over the usual features of a set workout. It’s so much more. 

Algorithms used for building the right gameplay more often than not try to keep you guessing. And it’s not just the level of difficulty which increases. Thanks to Viro’s AI training algorithms, you will be faced with challenges which progress with you - at your pace. 

Viro exergaming will have you cutting angles, dodging bullets, jumping over obstacles racing towards you or just hopping dynamically from side to side, all of which are designed to help you develop an obsession. And not just for getting you in shape but for keeping you there..

Endorphin Rush Anybody?

An obvious explanation of why people love to work out - other than wanting the perfect body, Is that it gives you an endorphin rush. That rush is the happy oceanic feeling washing over your body during and after an intense workout. 

It’s the time you feel like you’re lifted off the ground despite the sweat pouring down your face. Not only is this the closest you get to getting naturally high without getting into trouble with the law. It’s also scientifically proven to stimulate your brain not just to work better but also to build actual new neural pathways. 

In other words, a good workout can actually rewire your brain. The same workout performed in a gaming environment will do even more. It will motivate you to maintain your focus throughout the entire training session.

Lastly, it has to be said that over the years the gaming world has developed a culture of its own. In the past, you would be happy if you got to name your character the way you wanted. 

With time many games allowed for character customization where you choose the gender, profession, special skills and abilities of your character. Nowadays, it’s a whole industry almost building skins for avatars, characters and weapons. 

The same thing goes for exergaming where you have a whole range of possibilities to build your avatar. To develop your looks, to get new skins for armor, weapons, vehicles. This is a very efficient and proven way of developing an attraction to the game and thus the workout.  

The Digital Age is Turning a Corner

We’ve entered the era of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and the intertwining of the physical with the digital is no more inevitable—it’s a fact. Our online personality may have no less significance than the analog identities we assume. 
It’s the freedom of choice that’s given to people regarding who and what they want to be. The exergaming movement is well aware of this freedom. And it’s using this knowledge to your benefit by building immersive environments that engage. By engaging your eye to muscle coordination, your cardiovascular system, your brain chemistry - exergaming is going to make you fitter, happier and healthier
What’s not to like?

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