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VR high-intensity training! Finally, fitness gets reinvented

Combining virtual reality technology, addictive gaming elements, and high-intensity interval training cycles is how we have reinvented fitness.
Viro VR Fitness

If you are one of the millions of people who would like to get fit and lose weight, but can't seem to stick to a regular fitness routine then VR high-intensity interval training might be the solution that will ignite your passion for fitness. This is how VR reinvents HIIT and how we believe fitness will be reinvented for many people.

HIIT Works

It is common knowledge that a combination of diet and regular high-intensity fitness training can help lose weight and remove the mid-life belly flab. 

This is why there has been such a huge jump in various techniques that have marketed themselves as "the solution" that has reinvented fitness training. 

A training routine that incorporates a HIIT total-body workout is now widely accepted as the most effective way to get fitness results for the average Joe or Joanna.

What if I don't like fitness training?

While it’s true for millions of people that HIIT fitness routines have indeed reinvented fitness, what about the billions of others who cannot stay engaged or motivated for long enough to benefit from regular and sustained training routines?

Unfortunately, they bear the risk of obesity-related illnesses and diseases. And they will benefit most from a solution which reinvented fitness.

To truly reinvent fitness, a solution will have to offer those who dislike conventional fitness training solutions a new method to achieve their fitness and health goals. 

Make fitness fun again

Viro fitness technologies are designed with advanced gamification techniques. We made it fun and addictive for people to get their cardio fix – every day … and then we added HIIT training modes.

Viro VR HIIT solutions are developed with proven VR fitness techniques, from static fitness machines to room-scale virtual aerobics workouts. 

There is a multitude of other benefits of immersive fitness training, which gives virtual reality the power to keep you motivated to return each and every day. However, the most amazing aspect of any VR Fitness training solution is that it simply is a fun experience - every time. 

Why VR HIIT works better

Let's get to the juice of the squeeze… how exactly will VR HIIT training help people who don’t like to exercise regularly?

VR HIIT workouts will improve your endurance, help you accelerate body fat loss and help you do this in a shorter time than conventional exercising has been doing for you. 

VR workouts will also hide the fact that you are working out and motivate you to push harder during the high-intensity parts, and it will make the entire process fun and interesting. 

HIIT and VR makes a lot of sense

Although we cannot promise that all users will achieve certain results, the benefits of HIIT and VR Fitness are globally accepted.

Here are some proven facts you should already be aware of - gaming is deeply addictive, and virtual reality is deeply engaging. 

It is very much proven that after a couple of months HIIT cycle you will feel better and notice a significant improvement in your general health and wellbeing. If you have adjusted your diet in the process we can all but guarantee that you will be on the path to a slimmer and healthier you. 

Voilà! There you have it! Fitness reinvented.

What HIIT solutions are the Viro team building?

With our suite of fitness gaming solutions, it is possible to perform your training using a variety of methods, such as bikes, rowers, steppers, elliptical or room-scale aerobics. 

Personally I find it works best for me in our room-scale (free-roaming) game Viro Move. I simply set the length of time - difficulty and intensity - and just let the game algorithm cycle through the HIIT training routines to the tune of my favorite game songs and training weapons. 

VO2max and Viro

Although Viro Move is my proven solution to get my body closer to my maximum oxygen intake (my VO2max),  our static machines in HIIT mode are also an excellent way of making you sweat your way to a healthier you. 

Whatever Viro fitness gaming activity you choose, we will help you to do it harder and faster, we will make it positively additive while we motivate you to leave a puddle of sweat on the machine. 

Losing weight is not easy, but nobody said it can't be deeply engaging, motivating and satisfying. Viro really is fitness reinvented. 


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