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Virtual Fitness Solutions for Anyone Who Runs A Gym

For people interested in exploring what Virtual fitness has to offer the industry, consumers or more specifically your business.
Virtual Fitness Solutions for Anyone Who Runs A Gym

If you own or operate a fitness gym or club, you’ve probably considered a variety of ideas to help grow your membership base. But, while you may have plenty of passion to engage your clients, finding a model to help you stand-out in an ever-growing industry can be hard to come by. Virtual fitness solutions can help.

To help ease you into the concept of Virtual Reality Fitness as a club engagement solution, I’ve pulled together small snippets of business ideas. These are for people interested in exploring what VR fitness has to offer the industry, consumers or more specifically your business.

Use these are a starting point to understand how our VR solutions are hoping to address some needs in the industry. 


Virtual Reality Fitness Solutions


1. Virtual Cycling (Upright and Recumbent solutions)

Do you have club members who read books, watch tv, etc. while casually cycling on a stationary bike? Yes, we all have.

We often see people on stationary bikes casually going through the motions of the thirty-minute cycle, without getting much benefit. That is because they find exercising boring, and a good book or a tv show can help ease the boredom. 

The worst part - this member type might be the easiest to lose. And sadly they are the members who tend to have the most urgent fitness needs. Because even though they might feel like they are putting in the effort - they usually are not. Then, in a month or two, they get frustrated when they don’t see results. Sometimes when people don’t see results right away, they begin to lose motivation and purpose. But it’s not always as obvious to them, so they usually give up trying. Leave the gym and in some cases never try again. 

People of all shapes and sizes are seeing success with virtual reality fitness training. Once they remove the book or tv show and immerse themselves inside a virtual world, they lose track of time and get hooked on the competitive in-game elements, which also helps them to push their thirty plus minute workout to the max. 

Similarly, if your new members tend to use other stationary machines - rowers, steppers and elliptical solutions - VIRO.Fit also has immersive solutions to keep them training and engaged for longer. 

We find that when members are immersed in virtual reality they tend to push harder for a number of reasons: to beat lap times, calories goals or to keep up with the guy on the road in front of them who might be training in a gym thousands of miles away.

Intense workouts bring real results and real results keep members in your gym. Virtual cycling is more fun than stationary cycling and intense without feeling very stressful. The bottom line is any member who can generate real results will be motivated to stay. 


2. Stationary Goal Tracking

Do you have members who get frustrated when their mobile fitness application can’t correctly measure results from their stationary workout? 

There are many applications for tracking and managing workouts. Apps like Endomondo have been some of the industry's most valuable engagement tools. If a member knows what results were achieved yesterday, last week or month, they are motivated to match or beat the results during the next training session.

Many of today’s best running and cycling applications don’t correctly support stationary machines. Although  members have access to smart training machines we find that most forget or don’t want to log into smart machines during their workout. This means their workout data is often patchy across a period of time. 

Our Virtual reality fitness solutions are supported by a powerful application, which helps members track, manage and analyze their fitness goals at any time. The moment a member activates a VIRO workout, we begin tracking their results for that particular workout. 

Since our technology is integrated directly into the machine, we are able to access training data which even the best fitness applications on the market can't track. 

Results, goals and personal bests can be set, viewed and shared through the application  during the workout or at any time afterward.


3. Virtual Reality High-Low Intensity Aerobic Workouts

Would it be of value if your club could offer members access to an always-on aerobics style workout?

Aerobics, Zumba, IntenSati  -each has its own cult following. However for a club, it’s difficult to have all types of classes available at any one time to suit every individual member.

Therefore we are helping clubs to create their own cult following by allowing clubs to offer an always-on alternative. Dancing, jumping, squatting, stepping, boxing, bending are just some of the movements we are able to achieve with our free-roaming virtual workout.

Our virtual reality fitness solutions are taking the “work” out of workout for members. Our routines can mix low-intensity and bursts of high-intensity moves to offer your members an immersive, calorie-burning fitness routine.

Members can activate these workouts in solo mode or they can participate in large scale groups, either all on your premises or by joining other Viro Fit users from across the globe.

We work with professional trainers and aerobic instructors to build routines which mimic the finest features of cult fitness routines. 

VR fitness training enables clubs to offer their members the widest selection of fitness routines and styles at a time which suits each particular member.


4. Sell Virtually Anything!

How often do your team get a chance to sell additional services or products to members? 

Probably not very often. Members can be too busy to make time to read marketing emails or listen to upsell pitches from the sales teams. It could be  that the humble vending machine is today your best upselling representative in the gym. 

How cool would it be if we could help you market services and products directly to your member's phone? Or better yet, still straight into their line of sight? Our solutions are created to help you send valuable marketing messages at a time and a place which the member is most likely to absorb.

As an example, users can log onto our mobile application and apply to participate in one of our virtual reality spin classes. Your club can opt to offer it as a part of your member subscription  or for an additional fee. Some gyms make virtual reality fitness solutions available to non-members who are willing to pay a fee in advance via the mobile application.

The possibilities for up-selling to members with virtual reality tools are endless.


5. Win a different type of member

Let’s participate in a tiny bit of stereotyping to help get the next point across. 

Gamers don’t like gyms, but they love gaming. Adding gaming elements to your clubs' offer will attract the attention of this persona type. End stereotype!

It's not completely true of course -at least the hating gyms part. However,  there are specific groups of people who don’t feel at home in a conventional gym and many of them could have real fitness challenges and needs. 

How do you reach them? 

Today it’s difficult. For whatever reason, they just don’t feel at home inside a gym. It could be that they find training boring, might be body conscious or they don’t find the type of training they love

Virtual reality fitness training is fun. More than  immersive - it's also innovative and deeply engaging. With body consciousness  VR’s immersive nature means you don’t really care how you look two seconds after you put the headset on. And if you bore easily on a stationary bike, you will love our virtual cycling, because a lot is happening on the roads in our world.

Virtual reality fitness solutions are helping new types of gym members to participate in fitness activities and  to achieve long-lasting fitness results. This is great news for the industry, your club and of course the members.


6. Use Data To Precision Target Your Members With Offers

What data can a club realistically track today? If it’s a smaller independent club maybe nothing at all outside of coming and going. 

The fitness club of the future is going to build its success and growth models with the data it's able to capture from its members. Without a shadow of a doubt, all clubs needs to be exploring ways to gather member training statistics and data. 

The logic behind data capture is very simple. Without data, you cannot tailor your services or offers to the needs of individual members. Sure you can cast a wide net of services, but can you be sure your competitor is not creating a more specific message tailored directly to your members? 

In VIRO solution all training is activated and tracked through the mobile application. Your team will get access to a wide scope of user data via VIRO administrator dashboard. Depending on privacy settings, we will be able to identify data and analytics across each workout from training statistics to music preference.


7. Host Competitions and Leaderboards

Do you regularly host competitions and challenges for your members? If not then why? 

Highly competitive people need to be challenged. Having the need or desire to be better, faster or stronger is what motivates some of your members. It's the mechanism that keeps them returning day after day, year after year. 

With a hand on heart, can you say that your club is able to adequately fuel this desire to compete?

At Viro Fit we can challenge your members to compete against an unbelievably wide span of competitive activities, which will satisfy even the most demanding members. Your club will now be able to host tournaments and challenges, which  will build morale and stronger ties with your members. 

Some of the challenges which are inspiring club loyalty:

  • Who will fight for the pride of being your cycling club champion?
  • Can you build a rowing team recognized as city champions?
  • Maybe you will go all out and have a team or member rank in our global leaderboards?
  • Advertise and create a relay team who will participate in our global 24-hour cycle race?
  • Host your own competitions and raise awareness club in your local area?
  • Have your members race for prizes in our daily challenges, where they can perform against others from all over the world?  

The possibilities to satisfy your member's competitive spirit are endless. Viro team is working around the clock to find ways to keep your members engaged and coming back for more. 


8. Be More Innovative

It’s pretty difficult to stand out in an industry where everybody has the same goals. 

Here is the good news. Our solution can make your club the most innovative in your neighborhood, region or city.

Whatever your view on VR technology, virtual reality as a fitness solution is finally landing. And the fitness industry is already adopting it as a proven way to achieve all the goals I have already mentioned - and more. 

Make sure you are  on the side of innovation when new technologies begin to roll into fitness industry. We are not suggesting that VR will kill off traditional training methods - actually it’s the contrary.  VR is here to support gyms and fitness clubs by bringing new and retaining loyal members. 

Our goal is to use virtual reality engagement tools to help you make your club more of a community. A team who train, compete and win together. 

A strong team spirit is a hugely successful element in a club’s success. It’s most popular  in niche training groups such as boxing or martial arts. Our virtual reality fitness tournaments have already had success in linking team pride and passion for a club.


9. Sharing is caring

Do you have members who are socially active? Are they regularly speaking about your club to their community?

Social sharing is probably not a thing your club has been able to generate any real traction from. Even though it’s obvious these days that it’s one of the best and cheapest ways to grow club awareness. But while social validation is an awesome tool. I believe it's exceptionally difficult to get most members to post regularly about their gym workouts with your gym tagged. 

“Hi guys, I’m at the Gym again” is generally not something which the majority of members feel is appropriate to share socially. On the flip side. Sharing automatically generated maps and data from outdoor fitness applications is generally socially accepted. 

For example, People who run or cycle outdoors are happy to share their workouts statistics socially. But people who cover the same distance on stationary machines in gyms rarely ever do. Why? Because after a stationary machine workout, members don’t have any data or tool prompting them to share smart, engaging and preformatted posts.

The Viro Fit mobile application will prompt members to share these training statistics. Our posts will contain key elements of each workout. Along with club details and location. 


10. Custom Workouts

Imagine a time when you can invite expert trainers to come to your gym and in virtual Reality map out aerobics, yoga or endurance routines to the beat of their favorite music. You can then offer these workouts to your members at a time that best suits them.

It's not possible, VIRO’s Move training allows your experts to create custom built virtual workouts for your members - which can be saved, shared and accessed through the Viro Fit application.  


VR Fitness has finally arrived. It's fun, engaging, addictive and it really works in the real world. 


The Viro Fit Team has come a long way, but we are not finished dreaming. That's because we have yet to incorporate your dreams into our world. Why not contact us and dream of new ways to engage your members and grow your business?

Viro.Fit offers a scalable Suite of Virtual Reality Fitness Solutions designed to enhance your club’s positioning as an innovative and engaging choice for fitness seekers of all shapes, sizes, and demographics.

Thanks for your attention.
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Fitness gaming technologies that gamify fitness workouts are driving new types of members to gyms and clubs and immersive gaming elements keep them returning.

Our suite of virtual fitness gaming solutions allows your members to share actual workouts with friends and followers and link them directly to your club social sites.

Your club benefits from added exposure which comes with social sharing along with the traction from offering the most immersive fitness gaming solutions in your area.

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