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Our very own Marcin Kotewicz talks VR fitness with attendees of 360º VR in Barcelona.
Marcin Kotewicz, CEO at Fit Reality


Marcin Kotewicz, CEO at Fit Reality, talks VR Fitness during 360º VR in Barcelona

Studies show that we don’t exercise enough which causes many illnesses and health issues

This statement has become one of the fundamental drivers behind the development of the Viro fit suite of fitness products.  The entire Viro team have a deep passion for building the world’s most engaging fitness tools which are motivating, fun and positively addictive.

“VR is a proven solution to low activity issues and will attract new members to the fitness community” it’s not just Marcin’s tag line its his firm believe that VR and gamification of the fitness industry can help save lives.

Motor skills, endurance and strength can all be developed via interactive solutions in VR – Viro Fit are at the forefront of what’s likely to become VR’s most significant step forward into the fitness industry.

Viro Fit - Fitness gamification technologies for gyms and health clubs of all sizes.

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A passionate virtual cyclist, rower, hop skip and jumper. If it's virtual and it's fitness - sign me up! 

Fitness gaming technologies that gamify fitness workouts are driving new types of members to gyms and clubs and immersive gaming elements keep them returning.

Our suite of virtual fitness gaming solutions allows your members to share actual workouts with friends and followers and link them directly to your club social sites.

Your club benefits from added exposure which comes with social sharing along with the traction from offering the most immersive fitness gaming solutions in your area.

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