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If VR can’t get you addicted to fitness, nothing will

With the ever-growing range of VR fitness solutions, you now have an opportunity to get addicted to a daily workout thanks to Virtual Reality fitness games
Addicted to Viro VR Cycling
Have you ever given up on staying committed to a gym membership? Perhaps you’ve even regretted signing up for it in the first place? It's hard to become addicted to fitness. Until very recently, if you were trying to get yourself in shape, the go-to solution was always to head to your local gym/fitness center and enlist the help of a professional coach. With the ever-growing range of readily available products and fitness solutions, you now have an opportunity to get hooked on your daily workout thanks to Virtual Reality fitness games. The real game-changer in all of this can be summed up in one word—immersion. Becoming Addicted to Fitness The cutting-edge VR fitness technology provides you with an immersive experience that has been coupled with numerous dynamic workout routines. Jogging in the park or running on the treadmill might be pleasant for some, but going on a new adventure every other day in a completely new environment is something you just could not get in your average fitness club - until now! One day you explore the cold landscapes of northern mountain ranges. On another, you race past paradise beaches with coconut palms and an azure sea stretching all the way to the horizon. While you pedal or row, you move your head around and admire the sights you might only have seen in movies. You see your calories burning as your speed increases — all this in real-time. It’s like being in another dimension. Your brain feels rewired and your whole being becomes a part of a totally immersive experience. You stay there for some time and, as soon as you leave, you want to return to workout all over again soon enough you become addicted to VR fitness. Training Hard Never Felt So Easy But the purpose of your stay in virtual reality is not just to feast your eyes and your sense of adventure. You’re also there to burn calories and get in shape. With a traditional workout, you might have trouble mustering the determination to grab your gym bag after a tough day at the office. Remaining consistent with your workout routine when the going gets tough oftentimes proves to be the greatest challenge of all. Everyone who’s ever experienced a drop in motivation will know the fine line between forcing yourself to do what has to be done and lying down on a sofa with a tablet by your side and a fatty snack. Because, let’s face it, working out is often just no fun. Sweat and strain are part and parcel of any successfully reshaped silhouette. It does come with a price tag, whether we like it or not. Following a workout routine closely means boredom, pain and exhaustion. And this is where Viro VR fitness games fit in perfectly, to provide you with a solution revolutionary in its simplicity. No Time To Become Bored A VR game will draw your attention away from the grind and, instead, allow you to engage with one of the many interactive worlds you happen to be roaming. You can forget about the repetitive aspects of your exercise. You see beyond weariness and exhaustion thanks to the greater goal of scoring points, breaking your records and/or outpointing opponents. Engaging with the virtual environment is a highly rewarding activity that will keep you committed to your training. Through your own movement, you control your avatar. You dodge obstacles, shoot or slice flying orbs, punch objects flying at you. Like in many video games, you collect energy points and boosts, avoid any detrimental elements slowing you down. Your mind, instead of concentrating on the physical effort, remains embedded in a virtual world, basically having fun—a rarity during cardio workouts. It’s harder still to get bored when what makes you move is not the sense of duty but the exhilaration of a challenge. We’ve tested the solution with professional gamers, and one thing is certain—it quickly turns into an addiction as you keep wanting more and more of the experience. Another thing that will definitely stimulate your eagerness to engage in regular training are the online interactions with other users. The element of repetitiveness, inherent in any regular workout, also becomes a part of an entertaining quest where the focus shifts away from your aching body to the task at hand that you have to complete in, say, an otherworldly Sci-Fi setting. This effect has been proven scientifically—playing games, especially those based on VR, has a soothing effect on pain, so much so that it even eases the suffering of surgery. This way, bringing together an immersive VR environment with tailor-made fitness games makes for a whole new area of healthy entertainment at the tip of your fingertips. It truly is a next-level experience that will make you break away from your daily routine and enter a new dimension. One last thing that needs to be mentioned is real-time competitions. After hours of working out within the confines of your VR fitness club or your bedroom, you have the opportunity to challenge other players. Enjoying a multiplayer VR fitness competition is yet another level of exergaming. Witness your avatar compete against other gamers’ once, and you’ll be burning with impatience until the next tournament. This social aspect further connects you to a very special community of VR fitness gamers who are the future not just of fitness workouts but most likely gaming, too.

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