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Fitness Gamification Technologies For Gyms And Health Clubs Of All Sizes

Fitness gamification is taking a tried and tested solution that gets people fit and making it more engaging, achievable and dare I say it? Addictive.
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Fitness gamification may sound like a buzzword–and it is, but for millions of people the ability to make working out as interesting and engaging as a video game can have a serious and even life-changing impact on their health. 

Fitness gamification is such a simple “common sense” solution that you might be forgiven for asking why the world hasn’t embraced it yet? 

Well, we have embraced fitness gamification, but in ways that probably don’t yet appeal to the billions of humans who just find it hard or uninteresting to work out. 

For years the fitness industry has been deeply committed to finding engaging solutions that motivate us to work out and let us be honest they are pretty good at gamifying most elements of fitness. 

The traditional way of gamifying fitness routines has only been a success for those who are committed enough to make an effort to force the brain to enjoy working out. You might be surprised to learn every brain can enjoy working out –even yours, with the right motivation. 

Those who train regularly for a few weeks will begin to feel, enjoy and expect the endorphin rush that follows a good workout. But not everybody wants to do it because staying fit can be hard and unexciting for the majority of humans.  

The fitness industry has been adding challenges, competitions, and data tracking to workout machines for years now. Cross-fit ambassadors have been challenging individuals with peer pressure and rapid high-intensity interval workouts for many years. These are all effective ways of gamifying traditional workouts but let’s face it they are still difficult to embrace if your brain is not built or conditioned that way. 

These solutions don’t fit those of us who have urgent fitness and health needs but can’t seem to get motivated or stick to a regular fitness routine.

What is Fitness Gamification

In a nutshell, fitness gamification is taking a tried and tested solution that gets people fit and making it more engaging, achievable and dare I say it? Addictive. Imagine that, finally something addictive which can be healthy and widely accepted. 

It’s hard to get fit, it’s hard to stay healthy, but it’s critical that we all find ways to incorporate regular fitness routines into our daily and weekly life. Making a difficult task like working out feel addictive can play a huge part in enhancing the lives of millions of people. 

You may have heard of Pokemon Go–but probably didn’t and still don’t understand the significance of what Nintendo achieved with the concept. Yes, it was a bunch of hipsters, kids, gamers and even oddballs walking around capturing virtual teddy bears. But it motivated people to walk, actually, it motivated gamers to walk more–and trust me “as a gamer” I can tell you that is no easy feat!

But to the part of the gaming industry who where listing it opened up a new way to help people to move. Finally, technology had crossed the lines between physical exercise and deeply addictive gaming, In its small but significant way, it was making people virtually fit. 

And then there was Virtual Fitness 

Until recently the technology (both hardware and software) needed to turn Virtual games into fitness games had been a bit hit and miss, even now. I can say it’s finally there, but it still can evolve–a lot more to suit the needs of the masses, of whom it’s likely to appeal to. 

Virtual gaming is deeply immersive, meaning it engages the mind, body, and senses in ways that very few other games ever could. Virtual fitness took the idea a step further, it's a gaming technology that can motivate users to perform a wide variety of fitness routines without realizing they were doing anything more than enjoying a fun and interesting game. 

Don’t get me wrong, Virtual training is pretty hard too but because of the immersive nature the effort is less visible and because of the addictiveness of gaming the process of making the time or finding the motivation to do it regularly is easier. 

Here’s what you should take away from this - if you find it hard to motivate yourself to start off maintaining a regular fitness routine, but you desperately would love to find a solution that can help you enjoy working out and staying fit, then you have to try Virtual fitness–it might never give you a six-pack, it will not help you change your diet, but it can and will help your body, heart and mind to feel better, healthier and stronger.

VIRO FIT - We build fitness gaming technologies that increase people's physical activity and improve their lives, and we do it because it is a common sense thing to do. 


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