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Virtual Workouts Make It Easier And More Fun To Exercise For Longer

Double the endorphins, longer life, perhaps some weight loss (if you eat better too), happier healthier brain function and a more positive outlook on life. What is not to like?
Viro Team training

Imagine a scenario where you can compete against players from all over the world? Where you can challenge your progress in a career mode, participate in competitions & tournaments, play with your family and friends and even get support to help you achieve your goals? Yup, it’s not so hard to imagine because we have all seen how far video games have progressed.

But what if while doing all of this you could condition your body to build strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, speed, coordination and more? Well, it’s possible now thanks to virtual workout routines. 

However much you love playing video games or challenging yourself to beat X or Y, virtual workouts can help you turn that addictiveness into something deeply positive and maybe in the process it can help you change your life. 
People love to play and win games and the joy of winning a game is arguably one of the easiest ways for your body to feel an endorphin rush. I’m not sure if you know this but working out is also a pretty good endorphin release solution, fact number two: it’s also one of the easiest ways to help you live longer.

What do you think happens when you can put the two together? It can only be good that’s for sure. Double the endorphins, longer life, perhaps some weight loss (if you eat better too), happier healthier brain function and a more positive outlook on life. What is not to like?

Virtual Fitness is Here to Stay

Virtual fitness is one of the fastest-growing segments of the fitness industry for one very good reason – it works. And it works better than traditional fitness training because it is a much more fun way to get your cardio fix. Even more positively – it is helping all kinds of people to find a way to maintain regular exercise routines. 

And gamification in fitness has been proven to make training more efficient, entertaining and engaging. Many of our virtual fitness technologies can integrate directly with traditional training equipment to help create deeply immersive training solutions that are interesting and fun.

Body Conscious? Not anymore!

For those of us who are body conscious but have always loved the idea of leaping around a jazzercise or dancercise hall we have created our very own virtual workouts to mimic the benefits of a full-on aerobic workout – and you guessed it, we do it with deeply addictive gameplay. 

From the outside our virtual worlds – it might look like you are performing a wide variety of movement routines, squatting, crouching, leaping, jumping, stepping and skipping. But from the inside, you are only focused on the task at hand. You are aware that you are breathing harder, the screen is showing your calorie output and the intensity of the game has your heart rate elevated, and amazingly enough, you are still having fun. Then the game automatically takes you into a low-intensity recovery routine before the next big push. 

This is a Viro Move high-intensity interval routine – which is an automated training module from our room-scale virtual reality game pack Viro Move. Viro Move measures your previous performance, age, sex, and bodyweight to deliver a burst of high and low-intensity aerobics routines at a pace that suits your current physical condition and body type.

High-Intensity Interval Workout Video Gaming

Who knew, even two years ago that a video game could deliver a HIIT routine in the physical world? Who knew that you could compete against others across the world in a serious fitness challenge from the comfort of your own home or gym? 
Technology has positively enabled so many parts of our life, so it makes perfect sense that it can now enable us to work out, feel better and live longer. 

In summing up if you have tried and failed to stick to conventional workout routines but understand why it’s critical to give your body and organs regular and sustained exercise. You should take a serious look are Virtual workouts – they have the real potential to help get your body and brain addicted to regular physical activities. And unless you were hiding under a rock with a bag of chips and a Netflix subscription you will know that regular physical activity will play a serious role in keeping you happy and healthy and living long enough to enjoy your time with the grandchildren.  

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